Metro Mass Transit Ltd.

The Former President of the Republic of Ghana, H.E. John Agyekum Kuffour in 2001 directed the re-introduction of public mass transport system in the metropolitan and municipal areas of Ghana. This directive culminated in the establishment of Metro Mass Transit Limited (MMT) in 2002 to share a common goal to ensure that public transport is accessible to all and that the pedestrian and traffic environments are designed and managed to enable people reach and use public transport safely and with confidence.

Since then, Government has been actively promoting public mass transportation. Indeed, the benefit accruing with the re-introduction of the public mass transport system has been enormous.


To provide reliable, safe and efficient mass transport services by road in the sub region.


To be a world class mass transport company in the sub region.

Type of Buses


VDL Neoplan City

Ashok Leyland

VDL Jonckheere


Our People

Executive unit

The Executive Unit encompasses the Managing Director’s and the Deputy Managing Director’s offices. The Unit is headed by the Managing Director, who also heads the Management Team, whose key responsibilities include:

• The overall management and administration of the operations of the Company

• The provision of effective leadership and direction

• The maximization of shareholder value amongst others

The Managing Director carries out his duties with the support of the Deputy Managing Director and the following departments and units:


Traffic operations

Human Resource



Internal Audit



Units under the Executive

Planning, Research, Statistics and Information Management (PRSIM)







Monday, December 11, 2017


All too soon, we have been ushered into another Christmas season and I wish to express my sincerest appreciation and heartfelt gratitude to you all for your efforts and dedication throughout the year.

As 2018 approaches, let me convey my best wishes to all staff with the hope that the New Year turns out to be a fulfilling one for all of you. Inspite of our daunting challenges, you have worked hard to sustain the company up to this day. I am very grateful for your determination and hard work.

As you are well aware, MMT has had to go through a lot of difficult and turbulent moments in 2017, prominent among which are the following:

Low fleet level

High staff-to-bus ratio

Low staff morale and low productivity

High level of indiscipline and unhealthy industrial environment

Antagonism, animosity, backbiting, mistrust etc.

High revenue leakage

Financial difficulties, coupled with high debt stock

High rate of road crashes

Polarization of the company along various interests.

All the above together, contributed to plunge the company into a state of stagnation and near collapse. The year witnessed various nefarious and devious activities for selfish interest at the expense of the general corporate interest.

However, it is my strongest conviction and belief that MMT should exist as a single, cohesive business entity and not polarized along parochial interest that will tend to gnaw at the fortunes of the company and destroy it completely. It is against this background that we need to collaborate our efforts and commit our energies and attention towards the sustenance, growth and development of our dear company, the source of our livelihood. At this stage, we have no other choice than dedicate ourselves to building a healthy, inspiring and supportive working relationship. This is our collective responsibility. On my part, I am deeply committed to protecting all staff, unifying the company and providing the right leadership which is open and transparent, and offers all employees equal opportunity to assert themselves and prove their worth.

The start of every year takes you a step closer to the attainment of your dreams and it is my expectation that we will develop new mindset, change our attitude and embark on a journey full of aspirations, excitement and positive adventure as we enter into 2018. Indeed, every New Year gives us the perfect chance to start something new and fresh. Let us bid a wonderful farewell to 2017 and welcome 2018 with optimism and hope. May you return from the holidays with double the zeal with which you have worked over the years.

With growing confidence, the future awaits us; and our courage and determination in the present gives us hope for the future. May the season lead us to a path full of endless blessings.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, Deputy Managing Directors, Management Team and my own behalf, I wish you a festive, splendid, safe and happy holiday with lot of love, care and joyous moments to cherish forever.


Bennet Aboagye
Managing Director


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