About Us

The Former President of the Republic of Ghana, H.E. John Agyekum Kuffour in 2001 directed the re-introduction of public mass transport system in the metropolitan and municipal areas of Ghana. This directive culminated in the establishment of Metro Mass Transit Limited (MMT) in 2002 to share a common goal to ensure that public transport is accessible to all and that the pedestrian and traffic environments are designed and managed to enable people reach and use public transport safely and with confidence.

Since then, Government has been actively promoting public mass transportation. Indeed, the benefit accruing with the re-introduction of the public mass transport system has been enormous.


To provide reliable, safe and efficient mass transport services by road in the sub region.


To be a world class mass transport company in the sub region.

Our Services

The principal authorized businesses of MMTL are as follows:

  • Carry out the business of Mass Transportation in Ghana in all its aspects and other businesses incidental thereto.
  • Undertake bussing on contract basis.
  • Undertake school bussing services.

The business of MMTL is such that it offers the following benefits to the public and the nation as a whole:

  • It makes transportation services affordable.
  • It makes transportation services accessible to all communities.
  • It helps reduce congestion, emission and national fuel consumption.

Strategic Role of MMTL

MMT has been supporting Government’s pro-poor policy by:

  • Charging lower fares and thus making transport fares affordable to the poor.
  • Influencing and stabilizing transport fares throughout the country.
  • Running on routes generally considered unattractive and unprofitable by private transport operators, in terms of the state of road and patronage.
  • Implementing Free Bus Ride for school children in uniform up to Junior High level.
  • Providing the aged (65+ years), i.e. holders of EBAN cards 50% discount on fares.

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