About Metro Mass

History of Metro Mass

Public bus companies have operated in Ghana since the Ominibus Service Authority (OSA) started its operations in 1927. The OSA contributed a lot to the Ghanaian society in terms of public transport. However, OSA’s assets were divested in 1995.

Metro Mass Transit (MMT) arose from an idea from President John Kufuor who spoke of the need of introducing a mass transit bus system in the cities of Ghana at his inauguration speech on 7 January 2001. President Kufuor directed the re-introduction of public mass transport in the metropolitan and municipal areas to ensure the safe, affordable, efficient and reliable transport of commuters. Since then, the government has been actively promoting public mass transportation.


To be the most preferred Transport Company in the sub region.


To provide reliable, safe, efficient and affordable mass transport services by road in the sub region.

Core Values


Safety and respect for our internal and external customers.


Confront bad attitude and cherish good behavior at all times.


Efficient and timely provision of service to our customers.


Recognition and reward for excellent performers.


Metro Mass Transit Limited was officially incorporated in 2003. The shareholders include the SIC Insurance Company, National Investment Bank, Ghana Oil Company, Agriculture Development Bank, Prudential Bank Limited and Social Security and National Insurance Trust. These together have 55% shareholding. The Government of Ghana holds the remaining 45% shares.