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We Can Help You Promote Your Business

Aside our core business we also undertake some key activities as a way of generating revenue to support our main operations. Our Advertising Space is one such activity.
We provide various cost effective advertising platforms for businesses to reliably promote their business nationwide. Businesses can count on our wide coverage across all the regions and our large customer group.

Advertising Platforms

1. Transit Advertising (Bus Branding)
2. LCD Monitor Advertising
3. Terminal & Wall Branding
4. Bus Stops Branding
5. Metro Card (e-card) Branding
6. Luggage Ticket Tags Advertising
7. Head Rest & Seat Branding 

Advertising Rate Card

NB: All Rates are VAT Inclusive
Discount apply on 10 or more buses.

Deposit For Branding
Partial Branding : GHC 300.00
Full Body Branding : GHC 400.00

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