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Nature of Operations

The operations of Metro Mass Transit is structured in Depot and Hub (satellite)systems, where bus service is rendered to the public in specified area by a team of office and field personnel located in a particular area and mandated by management of the company to lead the planning of the local routes.

Types of Services

Bus Services

This is for highly congested and non congested areas in the cities with high frequency and many stops. i.e. bus operations on a route not extending more than 40 km. This is the core business and covers about 50% of operational activities. E.g operations within Accra, Takoradi, Kumasi, Tema.

Inter Urban
Bus Services

This is bus operations linking rural areas to urban centres (usually on rough roads) with low constant frequency. Opens up villages and districts for socio-economic activities. I.e. routes usually in Upper West, Upper East, Nothern, Ashanti and Eastern Regions of Ghana. This covers about 35% of operations

Inter City
Bus Services

This is bus operations connecting two cities extending over a distance of 140 km. E.g. Tamale - Kumasi; Accra – Ho and Cape Coast – Accra.