Mr. Albert Adu Boahen

On behalf of my board, management and the general staff I welcome you to Metro Mass Transit Limited corporate website!

We thank the almighty God for making it possible for us to be part of this social service at this point of our dear nation’s history. MMT was founded in 2001 by His Excellency President Agyekum Kufuor. Thenceforth, Ghana has been successful in promoting mass public transport. We are the only transport service company in the country with multifarious fleet ranging from robust to well-designed luxury buses, making it possible for us to meet passenger service on all the three ((3) industry models: intracity, intercity and urban-rural services. Our unique value-added services include hiring service, cargo service and outdoor advertising service.

MMT currently has over 4000 staff, working every hour of the day to provide bus transport service, on well over 300 developed routes across the countryside with a daily optimum passenger influx estimated at 50 000. As at December 2018, MMT has carried over 53 million passengers and travelled a total distance of over 158 million kilometres.

These achievements in mass public transport ridership is due to solid social institutional policy that is focused on fare concession and quality of service.

Our fare policy is the foremost expression of commitment to social service. On all the over 300 routes, we have the most affordable fares compared with all competitors. Our fare discount ranges between 15%-25%, lower than any competitors on the same service quality. In our intracity services in Accra and Kumasi, we have a further concessionary rides for the elderly at 50% discount and totally free rides for school pupils in uniform. MMT other expression of the social inclusion policy in our choice of operated routes. Economic viability of a route is not a fundamental consideration to entice MMT’s service. Our most vital considerable factor is the social inclusion: improving opportunity for all and rights of the disadvantaged to mobility. This policy position leads MMT to unilaterally service some route destinations that have the most unfavourable road conditions in Ghana, resulting in high maintenance cost.

Management under my leadership has recognised that these noble social services continuously make operational cost component a king’s ransom and therefore set up to emphasise awareness that will triumph MMT case for  more government attention for a subsidy to compensate for the  general fares and special concessionary rides for the elderly and children as well as refund a percentage of the  tax component  that is  levied on  spare parts, diesel and lubricants.

With the approval of the board, management has developed a vision to achieve a better quality of service. To guarantee this, Performance Indicators have been redeveloped with quantifiable indices to include: maintenance, operations, driver quality, safety and customer satisfaction.

On maintenance, our performance measure is the number of enroute mechanical failures per month. A quality control of an index is defined and a score is generated to a depot.

On operations, our new performance indicator is defined on two (2) parameters: Dispatch Compliance-percentage of buses actually dispatched a month based on programmed dispatches and Reliability-percentage of services actually on time. A reward or penalty is applicable when these indicators are above or below certain performance levels respectively.

Our driver is the custodian of the bus with our cherished passengers on every journey. We continuously hire experts to perform assessment and training on driver technical ability that is use of mirrors, lane discipline and braking. Health checks on our drivers are also done periodically.

MMT has established performance indicator parameter for measuring safety. Safety parameter is a count of events per kilometre that take place every month per vehicle. These events are categorised into three (3): Accident-an event that results in a serious material damage and seriously injured people. Incident-where there are moderate damages and minor injuries. Mishap-where there are only minor material damages. An index is allocated to each parameter based on severity. A penalty or reward is applicable if the index is above or below a given threshold respectively.Our ultimate goal is to have “zero accident MMT!”.

Our cherished customers are the purpose of our business. We continuously strive to retain and win more customers. MMT periodically perform face-to-face surveys on customers at main terminals to asses the following: personal safety, crowding, reliability, cleanliness, smoothness of ride and staff behaviour. This is a source of actionable data for management.

It is our pledge to make your journey safe, comfortable and affordable. Make MMT your destination to guarantee a safety to your destination.