Our cherished customers trust us with important items
goods and luggage to be transported. In MMT parlance, a “LUGGAGE” is the
accompanied item which a passenger may travel with. It includes a bag
containing belongings, goods or cargo.


Based on our track record on reliability and our broad coverage, our customers may want to send items to loved ones or business partners without necessarily travelling on our bus. In MMT parlance, a “PARCEL” is the unaccompanied goods or item which the customer may not be travelling with. It includes a collection of objects(s) wrapped in paper or plastic etc in order to be carried or sent to another person, goods or cargo.


We have over 500 operational buses available for bus branding nationwide. There are two types of buses that can be branded. One is the HUANGHAI bus which one-way vision materials are used and the other is the VDL bus which Special Adhesive Vinyl (SAV) is used for the branding.


Inside bus branding include:  

Head Rest Branding: The headrest on the seats where passengers place their head is a good advertising platform. A passenger behind the seat has no choice but to notice the advert if comfortably seated.

Plastic Chair Branding: this platform also sees the adverts being pasted behind the plastic chair and it is visible for all on board to see.


MMT provides contracts and lease services to corporate entities and individuals. Because of the differences in our fleet types we meet the requirements of our customers for any prescribed support making our services distinguished. The policy of MMT is that you can hire our buses for any purpose for as little as a few hours, to any number of weeks or months. We can provide services within and between cities, towns and villages across Ghana.

Employees transport services

School and university students transport services.

Tours and schools, universities and associations excursions services

Lease services for hourly and daily basis