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Nature of Operations

Metro Mass Transit aside its core business also undertakes some key activities as a way of generating revenue to support its main operations

Types of Services

Bus Services

This is bus operations provided to organisations or institutions at a predetermined rate and offered a contract which spans over a period of time subject to review.

Bus Services

This is bus service provided to a group, organisation, institution etc. at a predetermined rate which does not involve a long standing contract rather a one time service. Hiring charge calculated using distance (km).

Bus Services

This is bus operations provided to schools and or academic institutions at a pre-determined rate which spans over a period of time and subject to review
i. Paid school bus servicing- This contract bus service to school or academic institutions which desire the services of the company owing to their location as such their inability to be offered free ride.
ii.Free School Bus Servicing - This is bus service provided to school children (in uniform) as part of the company’s efforts in meeting the government’s poverty reduction programme in ensuring that transportation is accessible to all. It is provided to school children who happen to be along the operational route of the company and it is free of charge.

University Shuttle
Bus Services

This a bus shuttle operation provided to universities and colleges but paid for by students when they join the bus. Payment can either be electronic or manual.

Parcel & Cargo

On the 1st of April, 2012 MMT commenced collaboration with Ghana Post to regularize the transportation of parcels across the country with expected financial gain to the company. The collaboration existed for three years till MMT was able to secure the license to operate the parcel and courier service.
Metro Mass Transit Limited, through its superior experience gained from this collaboration and domination on all the inter-regional,urban, rural road networks operated nationwide, is well positioned to provide seamless parcel services through the length and breadth of the country. We can boast of parcel delivery centers and facilities all over Ghana, an advantage, none of the other operators possess.

Bus Branding

Metro Mass has over 500 operational buses available for bus branding nationwide. You can choose from our various range of buses that ply on all routes.

Terminal & Wall Branding

There are spaces available for branding at our various terminals and office walls in the regions.