School Bussing Service

School Bussing Service

This is a kind of bus operations provided to schools and or academic institutions at a predetermined rate which spans over a period of time and subject to review. There are two forms
This contract  bus service to school or academic institutions which desire the services of the company owing to their locations as such their inability to be offered free rides.
1.  School children are given bus pass to enjoy this service
2. A contract is signed between the school authorities and MMT.
3. School children are picked and picked and dropped at prescribed or designated locations.
4. Time schedule (consistent and regular) for conveying school children is agreed upon.
5. Only children of the particular school or institution with which the contract is signed is transported.
This is bus service provided to school children (in uniform) as part of the company’s efforts in meeting the government’s poverty reduction program in the ensuring that transportation is accessible to all. It is provided to school children who happen to be along the operational route of the company and it is free of charge.
1. School children do not require a bus pass to board the buses, rather should be properly dressed in prescribed uniform for students within primary and junior high levels.
2. Only school children within primary and junior high levels are offered free ride.
3. There is not specific location for school children to board bus.
4. Children from different schools can jointly board a bus.

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